Our philosophy

Our aims are to;

  • Use nature to support individual wellbeing and the development of resilient and healthy communities
  • Relieve pressure on the NHS – addressing both preventative and reactive healthcare and social pressures
  • Enable GPs to offer social prescriptions

The Natural Health Service aims to raise awareness of and connection to the natural world; helping people to benefit from nature’s positive impact on our health and wellbeing.

As more people live in cities, how can we ensure they remain liveable places? As we migrate from the countryside we’re at risk of seeing nature as abnormal, unfamiliar and distant, losing connection, forgetting how to engage and play in nature, and the reasons why we would want to.

The Natural Health Service helps us to reconnect with nature to support our wellbeing, providing an antidote to stressful and isolating city lifestyles. It helps us to reconnect not just with landscape and natural settings but with the knowledge of our ancestors, rediscovering how they engaged with nature, giving us a sense of connection to communities both past and present.

The Natural Health Service is the practice of using nature to support health. It is an awareness, a meaningful engagement with nature as part of our self care, helping us to make cities liveable places, rather than survivable spaces.

The Natural Health Service aims to create a lasting relationship between individuals and nature as a means of supporting their health throughout their lifetime.


You don’t need to be unwell to benefit from a fit and healthy lifestyle.  The Natural Health Service helps people maintain good health, as well as tackle ill health.


Three pillars of health

Our philosophy incorporates three core components of health;

  • Emotional – our feelings and how they influence our thoughts and behaviour
  • Physical – our bodies, staying fit and healthy through diet and exercise
  • Social – how we treat each other and the quality of our relationships