GPs/Social prescription

Why partner with us?

It is estimated that 30-40% of weekly GP appointments are non medically related and are triggered by issues such as isolation and loneliness.  By supporting emotional, physical and social health, we hope to help you reduce demand on NHS services.

In partnering with us you get a return on your time investment – by working collaboratively we can help to save your practice money through reduced visits and prescription costs.

We will also work to help to create a lasting relationship between our participants and nature as a means of supporting their health throughout their lifetime.

Social prescription

Social prescription services around the country have successfully linked in with GP practices to reduce demand of non-medically related visits. You can signpost patients to a range of outdoor activities as an additional treatment option.

How to signpost

We would love to understand more about how we can support your practice. Please contact to arrange a visit to meet with you initially.  We will explain our service and the pilot.  You will then be given supporting information to share with your patient, including booking details where relevant.